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  • Monster Munching
    California Asian, need I say more...the epitome of good eating! Here's another one to put on your list of must consult just all looks so delicious and yes, indeed, someway, someday I'm going to go and have lunch in Sunny SoCal.
  • Chow Times
    This is so, so good! and it's Asian too. So in keeping with tradition that means good photos, lots of info and most especially good food! I can't believe I've only just discovered this fab blog.
  • Chubbypanda - The Epicurious Wanderer
    Interesting, informative and thought provoking. Excellent photos (and lots of them too), restaurant reviews and some excellent recipes as well. This is a fairly new blog just started in August and has a decidely Asian (my favorite) flavor.
  • mmm-yoso!!!
    Asian food blogs are the best and Kirk's blog is just outstanding. Based in San Diego this blog has lots of delicious photos and is an entertaining read as well; one of my favorites. Can't wait to get to San Diego. Bravo!
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24 January 2008


Drunk Teen Flashers

well.. it's like I knew!


Sehr gute Seite. Ich habe es zu den Favoriten.


You have a very interesting blog, good post…keep up the good job


thanks for stopping by and in order:

Yen - yes, it's nice but you can't imagine how jealous I am of your NYC lunch opportunities. You people have how many places to get banh mi?

TFP - tks, I feel better now

Pied des Anges -please come back often and yes Chef Zadi is too cool.

Lisa - these particular sandwiches are available at the boulangerie located 14 r Longchamp 75116 PARIS - Tony Eude - but similar sandwiches and things are available all over Paris. If you are not just breezing through please take the time to investigate your local is really worth the effort.

Hi Shy and yes please - I'm always looking for good links to post to.


Hi whata lovely blog! What delightful pictures you have ..makes me want to put on my shpoed and go out and get a rasberrytart or make chouquettes again... lovely!!!


I have to ask...where are you getting the sandwiches from? We are scheduled to travel to Paris in March and my daughter is such a picky eater....this seems.. SO NOT out of the ordinary and HEY....I WANT TO KNOW WHERE YOU GOT THE DIET COKE!!!I keep hearing diet cokes are super expensive and they don't add ICE to your beverages....which is scary for this DIET COKE-AHOLIC!!!

Pieds Des Anges

What a stunning blog! I found you through Chef Zadi's blog. Gorgeous!


I've had to take photos of my food at a different location to where I was eating it too, due to lighting conditions. While we were on holiday, a couple of the meals with our friends were eaten outdoors in their backyard, and it was very dark by the time we sat down to eat. So I excused myself and brought my plate inside into the kitchen to take my photos, then came back out to eat it with everyone else.

Your sandwich looks great!


I think you are the one who had an excellent lunch today! We're so jealous of the roquefort/ roast beef option. You don't come across that often in the states...

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