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  • Monster Munching
    California Asian, need I say more...the epitome of good eating! Here's another one to put on your list of must consult just all looks so delicious and yes, indeed, someway, someday I'm going to go and have lunch in Sunny SoCal.
  • Chow Times
    This is so, so good! and it's Asian too. So in keeping with tradition that means good photos, lots of info and most especially good food! I can't believe I've only just discovered this fab blog.
  • Chubbypanda - The Epicurious Wanderer
    Interesting, informative and thought provoking. Excellent photos (and lots of them too), restaurant reviews and some excellent recipes as well. This is a fairly new blog just started in August and has a decidely Asian (my favorite) flavor.
  • mmm-yoso!!!
    Asian food blogs are the best and Kirk's blog is just outstanding. Based in San Diego this blog has lots of delicious photos and is an entertaining read as well; one of my favorites. Can't wait to get to San Diego. Bravo!
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02 October 2006


New York Hotel

Hmmm..I am feeling hungry. There are lot of indian restaurant in Paris. I went Paris 3 years ago and we really enjoyed Indian food only there. It was very tasty. I can't forget that food forever. All credit goes to ECT as i booked my hotel via ECT.



your csirek paprikás look good. im from hungary. but i never seen csire paprikás like yours :))


Thanks for the nice comment burekaboy!



je viens de decouvrir ton blog, juste comme ca. il est magnifique!

i love the choices of food/recipes you make and how you photograph and describe them.

i look forward to returning to see your next culinary adventure. ;p

a la prochaine.


Hi CP,

I actually thought it might be better baked...thanks for confirming this point and next time I will do it in the oven.



Nicely done. When I make chicken paprikash, I usually use my cast iron dutch oven and bake it during the simmering process. The thick iron really holds the heat in well, and actually keeps the sauce from burning.

You're looks really tasty. The recipe is somewhat different from mine, so I'll have to try it!

- CP

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