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  • Monster Munching
    California Asian, need I say more...the epitome of good eating! Here's another one to put on your list of must consult just all looks so delicious and yes, indeed, someway, someday I'm going to go and have lunch in Sunny SoCal.
  • Chow Times
    This is so, so good! and it's Asian too. So in keeping with tradition that means good photos, lots of info and most especially good food! I can't believe I've only just discovered this fab blog.
  • Chubbypanda - The Epicurious Wanderer
    Interesting, informative and thought provoking. Excellent photos (and lots of them too), restaurant reviews and some excellent recipes as well. This is a fairly new blog just started in August and has a decidely Asian (my favorite) flavor.
  • mmm-yoso!!!
    Asian food blogs are the best and Kirk's blog is just outstanding. Based in San Diego this blog has lots of delicious photos and is an entertaining read as well; one of my favorites. Can't wait to get to San Diego. Bravo!
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18 April 2006



No kidding, your duck tongue looks completely different from mine! Mine definitely had the cartilage, but the tongue muscle itself was thick and chewy, exactly what you'd expect of tongue. Definitely not gelatinous.

This lunch looks incredible!


Those duck tongues look like something else, but I won't say what.


You are a much braver person than I, Emily! Duck Tongues! Shivers!


What a pretty place!

I have to say I'm a bit concerned about all the ducks waddling around quackless, though.


Emily K

Hi Betty,

Real French food? You mean that really expensive food?
I dream of those lunches my boss takes his clients to...aieee, (even cooking it is expensive, check out the prices for a poulet fermier and a barquette de fraises, especially considering that I have two kids to put through school...).

So, since the Asians seem to be able to prepare good food for a reasonable price that's where I go.

And it is sad but there does not seem to be any "reasonably priced" French food, it's either v v expensive, or it's another jambon beurre (good but boring after a while).


All this Asian food makes my mouth water...

Do you eat "real" French food for lunch very often?

Emily K

10 points for Kirk!

Yes, they are steamed and I was googling around today to find more info and they are indeed a sort of dim sum. Someone else also referred to them as bar snacks...

Sinorama does some dim sum but unfortunately they don't do the thing with the little carts. For that you have to go to New Niouaville in Belleville (I'm planning on going there but only after I've found some good tendon in Paris).


Hi Emily - Can't say that I've ever had duck tongues, such an adventurous eater! Does this restaurant also do Dim Sum - the duck tongues looked like a Dim Sum type dish?

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